Cross-flow Fan Wheels



  • Fan Impellers: 1 27/32” to 5 15/64“ (47 to 133 mm diameter)
  • Different materials of construction and coatings
  • Various accessory parts available
  • Applications: Air curtains, compact air handling units, floor convectors, home appliances, electrical cabinet cooling

Crossflow wheels are the go-to choice for applications requiring a “sheet” of airflow. Configurable across diameter, width, and with many attachment options, TSLBlower’s crossflow wheels enjoy success in diverse applications from air curtains to pizza ovens.

Distinct product characteristics of the this cross-flow fan wheels are even air distribution, low noise level and low installation height. Cross-flow impellers are available in diameters of up to 5 15/64” (133 mm) and lengths up to 39 1/2” (1,000 mm).

  • Cross-flow fan wheels
  • Use only in suitable housing
  • Even air distribution across a large range
  • Actual performance data are dependent on the geometry of the housing
  • Various accessory parts available
  • Non-standard models in special dimensions and materials of construction available upon request
  • Compatible with various AC/EC-motors 50/60Hz
  • Models: standard model sizes available in 10 different diameters with varying widths
  • Diameter: 1 27/32” to 5 15/64“ (47 mm to 133 mm)
  • Material of construction: Aluminum
  • Production process: Tabbed construction
  • Construction: Single width
  • Recommended housing: application-specific
  • Mounting: Standard hub design
  • Air curtains
  • Compact air handling units
  • Floor convectors
  • Home appliances
  • Electrical cabinet cooling


Wheel DiameterWheel LengthNumber of BladeWheel Material
____中30*L150、200、250、300、35020Aluminum Alloy

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  1. jarontsl

    Goods product!!Works perfectly and meets my requirements

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